Partnering With Manufactures

Commercialization and Channel Management

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Oakmontscript has established partnerships with a few transnational drug manufacturers for their life-saving new products and has been providing support to our partners in product value demonstration, secure distribution and reimbursement support.

Oakmontscript is highly recommended as a loyal partner in both the management of brands and the distribution of generics and biosimilars with the best drug performance.  As a valued expert in marketing and distributing generic drugs and biosimilars to international markets, Oakmontscript has the tried-and-true industry strategies and thorough knowledge in the dynamic field. With its exclusive pharmaceutical distribution partnerships, Oakmontscript GPO stands out among other GPOs. Our business success is due largely to our abilities in designing customized solutions for new drugs with complex properties and our rigorous controls in business operations. Our core competence in pharmacology, extensive RLD resources, and experiences in building and executing cost-effective solutions to accommodate our customers is what sets us apart from our competitors when it comes to serving a diverse community of physicians and well-known research laboratories.

What gets passed around is not simply the growing number of prescription drugs through but also the shared values by its members. From inventory management programs, reimbursement tools, to improved drug pricing, our partners have trusted in our demonstrated abilities to bring new solutions to their concerns. In addition to extensive access and competitive pricing on branded and generic drugs, partners with Oakmontscript also benefit from a variety of programs, practice management tools and service agreements that meet and drive specific needs.