Marketing Strategies

1. Partnering With Insurers To Improve Biosimilar Access In The U.S.

America’s patients have been bearing the burden of high prescription medicine costs, and this alone has driven much of the national debate on whether biosimilars should play a key part in solving the cost issues in America’s health care system. In 2017, patients looking for affordable alternatives to expensive biologic medicines welcomed a watershed moment when the number of FDA-approved biosimilars more than doubled. It is also a year that witnessed an increased provider interest, and growing payor efforts in the use and acceptance of these more affordable versions of expensive biologics. The general public have come to recognize that increased access and uptake of biosimilars will drive down the cost of biologic medicines, potentially saving America’s patients and the health care system up to $250 billion over 10 years.

Oakmontscript is an important part of the transformation in improving biosimilar access in the US and an increasingly more connected global community. Besides building a strong network of long-lasting business relationships, we focus on developing partnerships and affiliations with leading researchers and scientists in life sciences and biotech.  



2. Pathway to education to support HCP and Patients:

  • Biosimilar educational brochure to patient

  • Transitioning guide from brand to the biosimilar

  • patient support: questions to your doctors

  • Patient organization websites

  • Key statement

  • Trust

  • Experience

  • Quality



3. Database Listing

  • DailyMed

  • Factsandcomparisons


  • Micromedex

  • Redbook listing

  • Purple book listing

  • More...

4. Price US Reimbursement Info


  • AWP

  • ASP, WAC

  • MBU

  • MBU per pack

  • MBU price

  • Unit Price

5.Documents Obtainable from MFR

  • Full Prescribing information

  • SDS needed for handling, shipping, trans customs, importing and warehousing,

  • Court ruling favors the biosimilar

  • Who could be your US partners: Distributors, Entities with licenses, 3rd party professional organizations;

  • Labels: MFR, License holder, Distributed by

  • Pharmacovigilance: US HCP required, PV system, Reporting to FDA

  • Local warehouse and inventory management

  • Necessary evidence (B or I)

  • Clinical trials evidence points

  • Clinical Trails summary

  • Biosimilar  Indications

  • References

  • Limit of uses

  • Important safety information

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